Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Blog.

I have created a new blog specifically for comics and music. That will probably be my primary blog from here on in, so update your bookmarks/rss. ALL of you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I bought some graph paper a while back, and from time to time I use it to draw little comics. I'll post them every so often. Here are a bunch. This batch was all drawn on March 1.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Interview with Neil "The Real Deal" O'Neill

That's right, internet. It is time for my exclusive interview with pro-wrestler and humanitarian Neil "The Real Deal" O'Neill!!

Over-Analyzed: What is your favorite marine animal?
Neil O'Neill: Depends on how I feel. Usually a seal or eel.

OA: You are a well known lover of music. Vinyl or CD?
NO: Actually, I prefer reel to reel.

OA: What is your favorite television show?
NO: Tie. "Deal or No Deal" and "Ally McBeal".

OA: Who is your favorite professional athlete?
NO: Used to be Paul O'Neill, but now it's Shaquille O'Neal.

OA: Isn't that a bit unfair to just choose athletes with basically your last name?
NO: Doesn't feel like a big deal.

OA: Fair enough. It's time for our Lightning Round! One word answers only! Favorite color?
NO: Teal.

OA: Favorite religious attribute?
NO: Zeal.

OA: Favorite metal?
NO: Steel.

OA: Favorite action if someone is hurt?
NO: Heal.

OA: Favorite car part?
NO: Wheel.

OA: Favorite part of the banana?
NO: Peel.

OA: Favorite French name?
NO: Gilles.

OA: Favorite meat?
NO: Veal.

OA: Favorite body part?
NO: Heel.

OA: Favorite pose?
NO: Kneel.

OA: Good stuff. Way to handle the lightning round. Very informative. Well, thanks so much for granting us this exclusive interview, Neil! Best of luck in the future.
NO: It's been real.

There you have it. Here is a sneak peak from next week's interview with Neil's arch-nemesis, "True Blue" Stew Carew:


See you next week!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Live bloggin reading Zack's blog

My friend Zack just moved his blog to a new host and changed to a funnier name. Last week he live blogged the last sip of a hot chocolate. I was going to live blog my reaction to his pictures, but instead I'll just show you the pictures I would have used.

What's going on here? I am intrigued...

Oh my god, will he enjoy this sip?
Will he burn his tongue? Oh my god!

Relief! My friend pretty much enjoyed
his hot chocolate, plus did not get burned.
Enjoy your day friend.

Read his website on the internet. It is funnier and more frequently updated than mine.

Happy New Year

I think this is funny.

Via Wikipedia, this is a list of the charges against Richard Reid (aka Shoe-bomber aka world-class asshole and Al-Qaeda operative). See if you can find the funny one:

I. Attempted Use of Weapon of Mass Destruction
II. Attempted Homicide
III. Placing an Explosive Device on Aircraft
IV. Attempted Murder
V. Interference with Flight Crew and Attendants
VI. Attempted Destruction of an Aircraft
VII. Using a Destructive Device During and in Relation to a Crime of Violence
VIII. Attempted Wrecking of a Mass Transportation Vehicle

He was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to life in a super maximum security prison. So. Yes. 12.5% of the reason that the infamous shoe-bomber, enemy of freedom and would-be destroyer of human life, is imprisoned for life, is that his actions got in the way of the work of flight attendants.

The fact that they even bothered with this charge in the face of everything else he did and planned really made me laugh. There is very little else to say about this.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drag Racing

Whenever drag racing comes up, I get angry because I think it is a stupid thing to watch and care about. It seems absolutely arbitrary and is the antithesis of sport.

Then I read this:

Not only did it fail to enlighten what might be redeeming about drag racing, it added to my theory of arbitrariness. I don't think anyone really knows why one car goes faster than another. There is something about "sticky tires" and something about "nitrous tanks". But really, does it matter how sticky your fucking tires are if the guy next to you has twice as must nitrous in his tank? Even the restrictions I'm sure are in place are arbitrary. "That much nitrous would make this race ridiculous. Don't even go there, drag racers."

I guess what I really dislike about it is the fact that it is a sport between two drag racers. It should really just be more of a scientific endeavor - who can build the fastest damn car ever? Not, who can consistently do the best wind sprints in a car that goes faster than a spaceship?


Thursday, June 25, 2009

A conversation.

"He's a growing boy, he needs his protein!" said the anthropomorphic cartoon jar of peanut butter, emphasizing his point by slapping his anthropomorphic cartoon bottle of jelly across the face again. He was justifying his place of dominance in their sandwiches.

For the fifth time this month, the bottle of jelly secretly vowed to leave her abusive husband, but the truth was that she had a tough psychological life which made her more sexually attracted to him the more brutal he was. The sandwiches they made were just too good to leave him. But she made empty threats anyway.

"I know about you and that young anthropomorphic cartoon plastic squeeze bottle of strawberry jam from your office, why don't you go off and made your easy sandwiches together you bastard!"

"Maybe I will!" said the jar of peanut butter, who then stormed out the door and slammed it behind him.

"He'll be back," she whispered. "Grape jelly is the best thing for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." Even though it was true, it rang false in her ears and as she sobbed herself to sleep in their anthropomorphic cartoon pantry-house, she could envision of the sounds of strawberry jam being spread over her husband's body by a tired housewife before her children went to school.

The end

NOTE Domestic violence is not funny unless it's done by anthropomorphic cartoon food. Also, what the hell is wrong with me?